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The multifunctional home reprioritization, and alternative materials

Collage of the multifunctional home principles in each image: flexibility, utility and affordability.

To attain a multifunctional home, the décor trends favor alternative materials to achieve flexibility, utility, and affordability.

Renowned creatives Charles and Ray Eames centered their iconic design ethos around utility, flexibility, and affordability. With beloved furniture designs like the Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, they achieved simplicity in each form while valuing the importance of comfort, functionality, simplicity, and adaptability when crafting a space that is truly meant to be lived in.

From collapsible sofas to innovative and efficient storage cabinets, Eames furniture has remained relevant and aspirational precisely because of its timeless look and functionality. Now more than ever, these values connect with consumers and homeowners who—in light of the pandemic—have recognized the need for a multifunctional home that can accommodate work, schooling, children, play, family, and more, while serving a place to retreat. As a result, consumers are becoming more conscious about their home design and décor purchases, as they look for options that can maximize utility and flexibility, while keeping an affordable budget.

Simplifying life

For many consumers, maximizing utility means enhancing organization, reducing housework and maintenance, and finding products that can outlast wear-and-tear. Families are choosing built-in wall units with doors as a convenient storage solution that hides mess and makes it easier to find items. This cabinetry is popular beyond the kitchen and being used in living room entertainment centers, home offices, and bathroom vanities.

Embracing constant change

When the home has to serve as an office as well as a place of retreat, customers are realizing the importance of having pieces that are flexible and adaptable to solve for both needs within the same space. Large, open dining tables that can be used for group meals and dinner parties, as well as work surfaces or play areas allow families to be creative and flexible. Furthermore, fold-out desks built into wall units allow those who work from home to close up at the end of their day and transform their living room into a space of relaxation where work is fully out of sight.

Alternative materials

At a time when fast furniture brands make it easier than ever to re-design one’s space on a whim, customers are turning away from these unsustainable options in favor of intentional, high-quality, and timeless design, while still aiming to stay within their budget. Finding alternative materials is crucial to this goal, opting for fabric rather than leather couches and chairs; composite wood rather than solid wood dressers and shelving. 

DuraDECOR and DuraLUX surfaces help customers bring utility and flexibility into the home for an affordable price. With a longer lifespan and no refinishing required, installation and maintenance processes are easier than traditional alternatives, and more sustainable as well.  Acrylic and PET laminates come in bright hues in various luxury finishes like glossy or matte surfaces. Using these solid materials, designers can easily create storage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, office furniture, and more. 

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