Duramar Interior Sufaces

Architects and designers

Duramar wants to work with you on your design and construction projects and be a resourceful partner during the materials selection and specification phase.

Find here instant access to the information you need while choosing Duramar as your preferred supplier to manufacture freestanding cabinetry and furniture, permanently built-in paneling and casework, custom millwork, and other architectural woodwork elements for your building and home projects.

LEED Projects

Duramar is an excellent choice for professionals planning projects which pursue the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- LEED certification.

We use composite wood as core material that meets the certification requirements, and we work with the most discerning global suppliers who can assist on the documenting stage.

Consider Duramar laminate panels if your project is based in Southern California as for credit achievement calculation, products sourced within 100 miles (160 km) of the project site are valued at twice their base contributing number of products or valued at 200% of their base contributing cost.

Duramar TFL LEED
Product Requirement Compliance

DuraDECOR Data Sheet

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