Duramar Interior Sufaces


While conventional, in-person office spaces remain standard operating procedure in many industries, a new category has rapidly evolved to fulfill the needs of remote employees requiring efficient workstations within the home.     

This evolution challenged the office furniture industry to offer solutions and products that not only emphasize productivity, but also seamlessly blend with our personal style. For special elements not just suitable for board rooms, workstations, and cafeterias, Duramar offers designers and architects an array of options to retrofit any dining room, family room, closet, garage, and hallway as well.

With two distinctive lines, we want to help creating that curated magical corner to stay motivated, inspired, and productive at home.

Office- Sand and Slate Matte

DuraDECOR, our melamine wood line- paper-based, highly scratch- and wear-resistant, is perfect for furniture and architectural woodwork solutions.

DuraLUX, our plastic laminate boards are made in cleanroom production facilities and are the ideal option for modern and contemporary pieces with an incredibly soft and resilient surface.

We can laminate to your specifications onto fire retardant or moisture resistant wood panel.

You can use our products in applications such as: