Duramar Interior Sufaces


Welcomed by patients and visitors alike, the best healthcare and medical facilities are entrusted with our health, well-being, and sense of security. The integrity of the materials used to build such centers must maintain the same commitment to excellence.

Trends in facility design, aesthetics, flexibility, responsiveness, and technology are not the only features to consider in the creation of healthcare centers. It is vital that construction developers discern which products are safe for production, and what chemicals are used to support ease of cleaning and long-term maintenance.

Architects, designers, contractors, installers, and fabricators can contribute to healthier environments by playing a critical role in choosing the safest most suitable products.

Image of a Lobby with wall paneling and furniture made with Thermally Fused Laminate in color White Sand and Laminate Panels in Taupe in Gloss finish by Duramar.
Image of a Healthcare Center Lobby made with Thermally Fused Laminate in color Driftwood and Acrylic Laminates Graphite Metallic in Gloss finish by Duramar.

Duramar understands this responsibility and offers two decorative laminate families as part of the solution: DuraDECOR, the melamine wood line for furniture and architectural woodwork; and DuraLUX, our plastic laminate panels made in cleanroom production facilities with a high chemical and stain resistance ideal for laboratory applications.

We can laminate to your specifications onto fire retardant or moisture resistant wood panel.

You can use our products in applications such as:

Illustration Map of a Healthcare Center where to use DuraDECOR Thermally Fused Laminates and DuraLUX Acrylic Laminates by Duramar.