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The Bathroom as a Center for Wellness in the Home

At a time when 59% of American workers express feeling burnt out from work, consumers increasingly turn to their homes as a locus of relaxation and self-care, embarking on bathroom remodels to create a space designed for mental wellness.

The rise in self-care has joined up with a desire for luxury experiences in the home, as consumers look for a place to escape the pressures of professional life.

The proliferation of aspirational design content on social media has brought design features like freestanding tubs, double-head showers, custom steam systems, sleek storage, and aromatherapy technology into more homes, helping customers fulfill their visions for relaxation.

Bathroom remodels to create mini spas for everyday life.

To achieve a spa-like feel, designers are helping customers refurbish their bathrooms to incorporate luxury finishes and a calming ambiance. The trend includes replacing traditional chrome hardware fixtures with black, gold, copper, or colored faucet taps that add personal style and glamor. Consumers are also using natural materials like slate, stone, and marble for the vanity, backsplash, sink, and floor to give the space a feeling of the restorative powers of nature. Shower technology is being used to elevate the bathroom experience as customers look to fulfill their vision of a sustainable life by conserving water.

Image of a bathroom with cabinets made with Thermally Fused Laminate in color Swedish Elm and Acrylic Laminates in Charcoal in Gloss finish by Duramar.

Reducing clutter to clear the mind: Installing bathroom cabinets.

A busy space does not offer the opportunity to clear one’s mind—IKEA reports that in the United States, cluttered spaces often cause stress and anxiety. As people work to reduce their cognitive load, they are turning to customized storage solutions to keep surfaces clear. Bathroom cabinets offer the best solution for this need, especially in bathrooms where space is limited.

Frameless storage cabinets are a prominent interior design trend in European countries. This cabinet style is set to represent the majority share of cabinets in North America, surpassing the traditional face-frame cabinets we often see on this side of the Atlantic.

DuraDECOR laminate wood is available in a range of wood grains and colors, adding to the natural of today’s luxury bathrooms, while offering the creators of flat and frameless storage solutions with various styles to create from serene to modern looks.

DuraLUX surfaces are ideal for building flat panel bathroom cabinets in solid neutral colors with high gloss or super matte finishes. Our laminates complement the texture of counters, showers, and floors made of tile, marble, or slate.

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